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Welcome to Fall 2019 and Your Online Course!

Welcome to Fall 2019 and Your Online Course!

by Coleen Arviso -
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Dear NTU Moodle User, 

Welcome to the Fall 2019  Semester!

Fall session begins Monday, August 19, 2019 which is the first day you will be able to access your online, hybrid/blended, web-enhanced course. Fall is a sixteen week course which will end on Thursday, December 12, 2019. 

Meeting Types: Web-Enhanced course is a traditional course offered face-to-face with using Moodle or some type of learning management system or web presence to enhance the course. Hybrid-Blended course is half face-to-face and the other half with using Moodle or some type of learning management system or web presence to enhance the course. Online course is offered fully online using Moodle or some type of learning management system or web presence to enhance the course. You will need to contact your instructor if they are using a different LMS besides Moodle.

You are expected to log into or the required Learning Management System (LMS) used by your professor. Please check your skyhawk email for your specific course instructions from your online professor. Please read the following information carefully and refer to the attached document for essential information about entering and preparing for your online course in Moodle. If you do not have a Moodle account, please see the IT Department or send email to to request account information. 

How to log in to Moodle

 Go to

 Click on the "Login" link at the top bar

 Use your NTU ID and Password

You should now be logged in. If you got a login error, please double-check your password and NTU ID. If you cannot log in to Moodle, please click on Forgotten your username or password to reset your password. Check your email to retrieve your password. Your courses are located under "My Courses" in the main page, you may need to scroll down if you do not see your course. You will not see any listings if you are not enrolled in any courses.


In Moodle, your course can be found under “My Course”.

How to Find your Course(s)
Your courses are located under "My Courses". You should see semesters listed. Click the down arrow next to the current semester to see the courses for that semester. You will normally be enrolled in a Moodle course site the day after you officially register for a course.

my Courses



Information about online courses is available on the E-Learning Resource and Student Resource pages.  To see a detailed course description and any additional instructions provided by your instructor, select Fall 2019 courses.


​Under ‘My Course’, you will see a course called ‘Student Orientation to Moodle - v.3.3

This course is to help you use the various features in Moodle. Please review and complete this course.


You also have access to free online tutoring tool. You can access the tool in your online course by clicking the NetTutor link. NetTutor has Subject Matter Experts in all areas. Please use this resource to help you with any challenges you may have in your course. 

Once you are in the course listings for the semester, click on the course title.

Before your course begins:
1. Obtain your textbooks, most are available at the NTU Bookstore or through other online book sellers such as amazon. Refer to your syllabus for book information. 
2. Check your computer requirements.
a. Go to log in with your NTU Skyhawk Email.
b. Contact Technical Support if you have questions at NTU IT Helpdesk.  
3. Help with common problems can be found at: Student E-Learning Resources. 
4. Instructions to add a photo to your course profile can be found at: Add Your NTU ID to Your Moodle Profile.
5. New to online learning? NTU Online Student Policies and Procedures can help you navigate.

6. Is online learning for you? Online Learning requires computer skills, communication skills, and to be a motivated self-starter. Complete the online readiness for online learning by filling out the following assessment to get a good idea of your readiness, NTU Online Learning Readiness Quiz.
7. You must have dedicated access to a computer that connects to the Internet loaded with Internet Explorer, Access 2013.

8. Read the E-Learning Tips for success on how to be a successful online learner.

9. Ensure you attend your online courses weekly. Refer to the online attendance policy. Online students need to login into their Learning Management System (LMS) at least 3-4 times a week.

10. Do your own work. Refer to the E-Learning Student policies for more information.

Attend the first day of class:
1. Go to:, log on to Moodle using your Skyhawk ID and Password, and begin working.
2. Online courses follow the NTU academic calendar. It is important to begin working within your course on the first day of instruction.
3. Additional information about Moodle can be found at: Student E-Learning.

Technical Assistance:
1. For Course Support: see your Moodle course for contact information.
2. For additional Technical Support call (505) 786-4208 Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm or email:
3. For online technical support go to

Additional Questions?

Coleen Arviso
Director of E-Learning
Navajo Technical University
Cell: (505) 728-7069
Schedule a Meeting: